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About Us

Camera History

About SeaLife Cameras

Whether it's your first time snorkeling or your annual scuba trip in the tropics, SeaLife Cameras help you discover the underwater world. For over 25 years, SeaLife has made the world’s most popular underwater cameras.

We developed the first SeaLife underwater camera in 1993. A new breed of cameras, our cameras made it easier and more enjoyable than ever before to take pictures underwater. In 2000, SeaLife pioneered underwater imaging with the introduction of its first digital underwater camera that revolutionized the world of underwater photography.  Today, SeaLife offers a range of underwater cameras, lights, and accessories. SeaLife is the only truly expandable camera system that allows you to add accessories when you want - all SeaLife underwater lighting and lenses are interchangeable with almost any SeaLife camera.

The SeaLife Pledge

SeaLife Cameras supports the dive industry through the development of products and programs that encourage underwater discovery and awareness of the world’s oceans. We’re constantly evaluating our product line to ensure that our equipment delivers the most consistent results, even in extreme and difficult conditions.

We invite snorkelers to advanced divers to experience underwater photography, and we strive to satisfy the needs of every SeaLife user. Through our extensive partnerships with dive retailers and industry associations, we continue to seek ways to broaden interest in underwater life and cultivate an appreciation for the underwater environment.



Meet the SeaLife Ambassadors

Nadia Aly 

Founder of Scuba Diver Life, Nadia Aly is an avid photographer that dives around the world in an effort to learn more about the oceans that surround us. She is focused on making the #1 digital resource for divers and underwater enthusiasts by sharing ocean conservation issues, world events, and news, 


DivePhotoGuide Team

DivePhotoGuide is a digital media outlet for underwater photographers and videographers which features news, reviews, features, techniques, travel guides, photo galleries, contests, and more. The DivePhotoGuide team also runs underwater photography workshops and expeditions around the world. 



Hosted by Billy C. and Bitchin' Mitch, ScubaNation is the highest rated television show dedication to ocean exploration and recreational scuba diving. The show appeals to audiences of all ages and aims to entertain and educate in a fun and fast paced style.                                                                                                                         


Underwater Photography Guide

The Underwater Photography Guide is the #1 destination for all things underwater photography. Featuring highly-regarded tutorials, technique tips, in-depth gear reviews, amazing international workshops and breaking u/w photo news, UWPG is here to help divers around the work achieve their photo and video goals. 

Ryan Walton

Scuba diving instructor and professional shark diver, Ryan Walton is an enthusiastic conservationist looking to share the beauty of the ocean while educating the world on current environmental issues.