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Photo/Video Light

Item SL980

3-in-1 Underwater Light for Photo, Video and Dive

The new SeaLife Photo/Video Light is a revolution in underwater lighting - instead of flash-only illumination, advanced LED light technology adds depth and color balance to close-up pictures and videos that strobe-only pictures lack.

With a powerful 500 lumen LED light, simple one button control, and a quick-release detachable head, the SeaLife Photo/Video Light makes it easy to capture amazingly colorful underwater pictures and videos.

Includes a flexible arm for easy aiming and universal mounting base that fits all SeaLife cameras as well as other brands of cameras.

Select between 8 different light mode settings, including a Power Overdrive mode that boosts the light power to 600 lumens.

The wide angle beam of the SeaLife Photo/Video Light makes close-up colors come alive, evenly illuminating your subject without hotspots or overpowering. It's depth tested to 300 feet, so you can add light and color in even the darkest wreck or cave.

The Photo/Video Light includes a Diffuser to widen the beam angle, and an adapter to easily mount a GoPro® camera.

Powerful 500 lumen LED light - Latest LED technology featuring 3 x 3W Cree XP-G R5 LEDs

One button control for easy operation - one button to power light on/off and select light modes

Quick-release - detach light from arm for aiming into dark areas and discovering hidden sea creatures

Easy aiming with rubberized, flexible arm and universal mounting tray

Included Diffuser widens the beam angle of the light, providing better coverage when using a wide angle lens

No hot spots - soft, 70 degree light beam evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots

Effective Range: Video: Up to 3 ft (1m), Photo: Up to 2ft (0.6m)

Color Temperature: 6,500K

Depth tested to 300 ft (100m) – Guaranteed

Customized Light Modes – Select between 8 different light mode settings:
Flash Cancellation ON or OFF: Light dims for 2 seconds when detecting external flash
Light Power Levels: Single power (100%) or 3 power (100%→50%→25%) or 3 power plus signal (100%→50%→25%→Blinking→SOS)
Power Overdrive: Increase light power to 600 lumens for 2 minutes

Features coiled safety lanyard so you don't lose the light when it's disconnected from its arm

Rubber hood for added shock protection against drops and rough handling

Power Source: 4x AA batteries

Includes both standard and extended mounting knobs for attaching two lighting accessories, as well as an adapter to mount a GoPro® camera

View a comparison chart of the SeaLife Photo/Video Light and the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash (PDF)