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Item SL9813

Adapter for GoPro® Camera

Adapter for GoPro cameras

Easily mount a GoPro® camera to your underwater lighting

The GoPro® adapter adds a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount to your GoPro camera, allow for quick and easy mounting to underwater lighting and other accessories.

Included with the Sea Dragon 2000 (SL984), Sea Dragon 1200 (SL983), and Photo/Video Light (SL980).

Attaches using the thumb knob and bolt from your original camera mount. An acorn nut is included.

Item SL9621

Flash Link

SeaLife flash link

Brighter, More Colorful Pictures

The SeaLife Flash Link is an optical cable connection for all SeaLife flashes that ensures firing of the flash in all light conditions as well as flash aiming positions providing brighter more colorful pictures.


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