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International Repair Service for Non-US Residents


  • Contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product - they may be able to assist you with returning the damaged product to one of the authorized service centers in your country. The Dealer Locator page contains a complete list of local dealers and the master distributor/service center in your country.
  • If you are shipping the SeaLife product directly to the service center in your country, you must contact the service center for a return authorization before shipping the product.
  • If you purchased the SeaLife product outside of your country of residence, contact the distributor/service center within your country of residence for repair information, a processing and handling fee may apply.
  • Do not return product to the USA Service Center unless you reside in the USA or if you do not have a distributor/service center in your country. Customers who send the product to the USA Service Center are responsible for all freight, duty and insurance costs related for shipments to and from the USA service center.
  • Please refer to the warranty statement provided with your SeaLife product for explanation of warranty coverage.