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Mighty Little Underwater Camera Makes Debut

John C. Fine, editor and author of award-winning books regarding ocean pollution, highlights the great features of the ergonomic and compact Micro 2.0 with the Sea Dragon Lighting system. 

Dive Photo Guide Tests the Sea Dragon 1500 & Sea Dragon Duo 3000

Sascha Janson, from Dive Photo Guide, tests the Sea Dragon 1500 and Sea Dragon Duo 3000 by shooting a series of macro and super-macro images.

An Ideal Companion: SeaLife Micro 2.0

Michel Gilbert and Danielle Alary, from DIVER Magazine, tested out the SeaLife Micro 2.0 at the Blue Heron Bridge and in Crystal River, Florida. Read what they had to say.

From Stem to Stern Featuring the SeaLife Micro 2.0

The team from Southern Boating features the SeaLife Micro 2.0 as the must-have camera for diving, snorkeling, and all your cruising memories.


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