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SeaLife Micro 2.0 Underwater Camera Review

Brent Durand from Underwater Photography Guide takes the SeaLife Micro 2.0 Camera on a dive in the Yucantan Cenotes of Mexico. Read what Brent had to say about the Micro 2.0 and its features. 

From Compact to DSLR: Testing SeaLife’s Flex-Connect Arm System

Dive Photo Guide tests out the universal Flex-Connect System with the SeaLife Micro 2.0 and Nikon D7000, alternating from a compact to mid-sized set up. 

Gear Up with the SeaLife Micro 2.0

Jen Brett, from Cruising World Magazine, features the SeaLife Micro 2.0 as one of the must-have gear picks to bring on your next boating trip.

PC Mag reviews the SeaLife Micro 2.0

Jim Fisher, Senior Digital Camera Analyst of PC Mag, conducts an extensive review on the SeaLife Micro 2.0 through a series of in-depth tests. Read the full review to to see what he had to say about its design, performance, and image quality. 

Item SL571

Micro Series Super Macro Lens

Capture sharp macro images and videos with SeaLife Micro cameras

The Super Macro Close Up Lens captures macro images and videos from 3.5” to 7” (9cm to 18cm). The lens features a 2-element optical grade wet lens with anti-reflective coating and anodized aluminum construction with rubber press-on lens mount.

Includes two (white) removable focus distance sticks (4.75"/18.7mm), safety lanyard and protective pouch.


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