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SeaLife featured in Sport Diver's 9 Easy-To-Use Camera Systems

Sport Diver highlighted the simplicity and ease of use of both the SeaLife Mini II Elite set and the SeaLife DC1400 Pro Duo set in their 9 Easy-To-Use Underwater Camera Systems feature.

Item SL975

Fisheye Lens (Discontinued)

Bring more into the scene

The SeaLife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens will increase the field of view by 80% over the already wide 31mm lens (film equivalent) of the DC2000 underwater camera. The Fisheye Lens allows for amazing underwater images and offers incredible perspective of the undersea landscape. The DC Fisheye lens has a 19mm effective focal length on the DC2000 underwater camera and features fully multi-coated precision optics for maximum light transmission. With the DC2000, the lens may be used in all focus modes, except Infinity Focus. The effective focal length with the Fisheye lens on the DC1400 camera is 16mm.

The lens fits all DC series SeaLife cameras and can easily be attached and removed while underwater. The lens also works very well above water for amazing landscape photos (only underwater with DC2000).

What makes this lens particularly versatile is that it works equally well for video as it does for still images, adding more to your shots while staying easily within the distance limits of flash or video lights.

SeaLife Fisheye Wide Angle Lens example images

Photo Taken without Fisheye LensPhoto taken with Fisheye Lens


Get the incredible, wide perspective of an entire wreck, reef scene or capture stunning close-up images while maintaining a wide field of view. When combined with the DC2000 camera in Super Macro Auto Focus Mode, the Fisheye Wide Angle Lens provides an ultra-wide angle all the way down to 4 inches from your subject.

The dome-shaped lens design offers the maximum field of view underwater. The lens is waterproof to 200 feet (60m) and includes neoprene lens covers for mounting and objective sides, safety retaining lanyard and Lens Dock (to mount lens under flash).

Super Wide Angle Lens increases field of view by 80%

Waterproof to 200 feet / 60 meters

Fits all DC series SeaLife cameras

19mm Effective Focal Length on the SeaLife DC2000 underwater camera

16mm Effective Focal Length on the SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera

Dome-shaped lens obtains maximum field of view underwater

Easily attach/remove lens while underwater

Features an lens guard designed to protect lens from coming into contact with hard surfaces or your subject

Includes lens dock, neoprene lens cover and safety lanyard


SeaLife Fisheye Lens Dock

Includes Lens Dock

Designed to hold and secure the Fisheye Lens when not in use. Lens slides into dock for storage and easy access.

SeaLife Fisheye Lens Specifications

Optical construction 4 elements / 4 groups
Angle of view

DC1400: Increases field-of-view from 68° to 111°
DC1200: Increases field-of-view from 44° to 86°
(Also works with DC1000, DC800, DC600, DC500 and earlier DC models)

Optical coatings

Air-to-glass surfaces fully multi-coated with anti-reflective deposition coating

Magnification ratio 0.60x
Attachment method Snap-on lens ring attaches to all SeaLife DC cameras while underwater
(Note: When underwater, purge air trapped between fisheye lens and camera)
Focus ranges Maintains camera's focusing range
Lens weight (lens only) 392 grams / 13.8 ounces
Lens dimensions 1.8” x 3.8” x 3.8”
(4.6cm x 9.7cm x 9.7cm)
Depth Individually depth tested to 200’ (60 m)
Buoyancy Negative
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Packaging dimension 3.5” x 3.5” x 4.0”
8.9cm x 8.9cm x 10.1cm
Packaging weight

450 grams / 1 lb

SeaLife DC2000 camera: Can be used in macro, super macro, and auto focus with Fisheye Wide Angle Lens. Lens will not work in infinity focus.
SeaLife DC500 to DC1400 cameras: Must be set to macro focus with Fisheye Wide Angle Lens.

SeaLife ECOshot

2007 - 2008

Avec l'ECOshot, SeaLife introduisit le premier appareil photo numérique vraiment antichoc et étanche au monde. Étanche jusqu'à 23 mètres, antichoc sur une chute de 2 mètres, l'ECOshot était l'appareil photo compact parfait pour les enthousiastes des activités de plein air et des sports nautiques.

SeaLife DC500

2005 - 2006

La ligne de produits SeaLife poursuivit sa progression technologique avec l'appareil photo numérique étanche DC500. Cet appareil doté d'un nouveau style de corps métallique renforcé au caoutchouc, d'un zoom optique 3X, d'un écran de 5 cm, prenait des photos à 5 Mpx ; son mode "Shark" avait l'avantage de réduire considérablement le délai de déclenchement l'obturateur.

SeaLife DC310

2003 - 2005

L'appareil photo numérique étanche SeaLife DC310 à 3,3 Mpx était doté du même corps renforcé au caoutchouc que les modèles précédents, mais il fut le premier à bénéficier de nouvelles commandes évoluées à 8 boutons pour obtenir encore plus de couleur et de qualité d'image à chaque photo.

SeaLife DC300

2003 -2005

Le SeaLife DC300, dans la ligne du modèle précédent pour son corps renforcé au caoutchouc, passa à 3,3 Mpx pour plus de finesse de l'image.

SeaLife Sharkdiver

2003 - 2007

Appareil photo étanche réutilisable pour pellicule de 35 mm, le Sharkdiver était le compagnon bon marché idéal pour la plongée libre ou autonome.


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