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Terms and conditions

By submitting your photo and information through the photo upload page and checking the "I accept terms and conditions" box, you understand that:

  • SeaLife may post your photo to the gallery section of our website with a description of the image and credit to the photographer.

  • SeaLife may post the image elsewhere online and/or use the image in advertising and marketing materials.

  • Your photo will be entered in the SeaLife Photo of the Month contest, the winner of which is selected at the sole discretion of SeaLife. If your image is selected as a winner, the image will be posted on our Photo of the Month page with a description and photographer credit.

  • SeaLife will pay standard shipping costs for prize, but winner is responsible for duties, taxes, tariffs, importation fees and any other cost associated with receiving prize.


In addition, you agree to the following Photography Release:

1.    I AGREE TO GRANT Pioneer & Co., Inc. (SeaLife) and its affiliates, directors, officers, agents, employees and customers full and exclusive rights to use these images taken with the SeaLife camera for advertising, publicity, commercial or any other purpose.

2.    I understand that no compensation will be given to me for usage rights to these images. 

3.    I agree that any persons used in the photos supplied to Pioneer are available to sign and return a “model release” form provided by Pioneer

4.    I agree that in no case shall Pioneer be liable for any damages, direct, incidental or consequential as a result of using the image.

5.    I agree that SeaLife has full rights to reproduce, modify, reformat, and use said images for use in all domestic and foreign markets.

6.    All negatives, positives, prints, digital and electronic representations and files shall be the sole property of SeaLife.

7.    I confirm that the images are free of rights of any third parties.