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Add the 10x Lens with the Micro 2.0

"24 dives, 100's of photos, several edited videos and I'm thrilled with this camera. I already upgraded to the dual light tray for more illumination! I did have catastrophic flooding of the light died on my SeaDragon 2500 on dive #4 but Sealife sent me a new lamp the same day they got the damaged one into their custom service offices. They are REALLY supportive of their product on their Facebook page and messenger, and they helped me figure out that still images captured "in video" are a much smaller file size/resolution than when just taking still photos. Camera is petite, I shove the whole package with lamps/batteries/trays/chargers into my carry on for ease of worry. I recommend getting the 10x closeup lens, as it really won't focus on stuff closer than ~6-8" and when you find that tiny panted elysia and can't get a sharp photo, you'll kick yourself for not having that $35 addition. Videos allways have sound even with the microphone turned off in settings; and the iPhone/iPad app is awesome and easy to get images onto the web right after a dive and not need to carry computers along with you as well. Now I need to get some plexiglass prints of some of my great images ordered up!"

-Adam S. via Amazon

Positive First Impression

"I only had a chance to use this camera in open underwater conditions (A Florida Spring) once a few days ago. My initial impression is positive. I have been using a Sea & Sea DX-750G with a YS-15 strobe for almost 10 years before purchasing this camera. I used the Micro 2.0 along with the Sea Dragon 1500 light, which I used in deeper water and turned off in shallower water. Fewer that usual pictures seemed to be impacted by back-scatter or dimmer images, thus less editing has been necessary. Having fewer control keys made it easy to use the camera in different modes; however macro requires and additional lens that must be removed and attached manually, which I could do easily enough in a spring but might find harder to do in an environment with more currents (and risk using the lens). The shutter speed seems fast enough that I had a lower percentage of blurry pictures of fishes and the images seemed sharp (please see for yourself)... I imagine that I will get better at using this camera and exploiting its capacities. This camera looks like it can do the basics and more and is very compact and easy to transport."

-Amazon Customer  

Micro HD+ and Sea Dragon 2500 Light

"Just came back from little cayman where I used my new Micro HD + with the Sea Dragon 2500 light. Amazed at the quality of the photographs this camera takes!"

-Scott K. via Facebook

A Rare Sight Captured with DC1400

"I was fortunate enough yesterday to see one of the rarest fish in the sea. A juvenile zebra batfish. Not only are they rare, but they only stay in this phase for a week or so, which made seeing this beautiful creature even more of a treat. Best part was, the shots I took with my DC1400 were just as good (if not better, IMO) than the ones my dive guide took with his DSLR. Here are a few unedited ones, right off the camera."

-Don Bouchard 

Capturing Memories with the Micro HD+ Pro Set in Iceland

"The Sealife Micro HD + Sea Dragon Pro 2500 is an amazing dive camera. The clarity of the pictures and videos are outstanding and it is easy to use underwater - even while wearing thick gloves. This is a top notch camera and worked exceptionally well in the extreme cold water temperatures of Silfra Iceland. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to capture their diving experience on camera or video."

-Tanya Deen

New Sea Dragon Lighting upgrade

Just upgraded my DC1400 to the new Sea Dragon gear! For anyone considering making the change, here are a few major improvements I noticed right off the bat:

The new flex arms are QUIET...The single piece dual tray feels MUCH more solid in your hands...No more of those pesky, easily corroded, magnets in the on/off switch!...The benefit of the separated battery compartment is a HUGE upgrade...The entire rig just looks and feels much more solid, and with the detachable parts, it is a ton more portable.

So, if you're considering changing to the Sea Dragon setup, I suggest swinging by your LDS and having a look for yourself. The pictures don't do it justice.

- Don B. via Facebook

Macro Photography with the SeaLife DC1400

Spanish Shawl shot with my DC1400 only using natural light. I took this at Refugio State Beach in California. Only my 2nd day with the camera and lets just say the thing works really well. I can't wait to put strobes on it.

This is a very easy camera to use and if you like macro photography, this is the camera you want. My wife and I own a dive shop in California and we just picked up this brand, we are very impressed with the quality of these cameras.

- Shaun Crouse via Facebook