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Micro HD+ and Sea Dragon 2500 Light

"Just came back from little cayman where I used my new Micro HD + with the Sea Dragon 2500 light. Amazed at the quality of the photographs this camera takes!"

-Scott K. via Facebook

A Rare Sight Captured with DC1400

"I was fortunate enough yesterday to see one of the rarest fish in the sea. A juvenile zebra batfish. Not only are they rare, but they only stay in this phase for a week or so, which made seeing this beautiful creature even more of a treat. Best part was, the shots I took with my DC1400 were just as good (if not better, IMO) than the ones my dive guide took with his DSLR. Here are a few unedited ones, right off the camera."

-Don Bouchard 

Capturing Memories with the Micro HD+ Pro Set in Iceland

"The Sealife Micro HD + Sea Dragon Pro 2500 is an amazing dive camera. The clarity of the pictures and videos are outstanding and it is easy to use underwater - even while wearing thick gloves. This is a top notch camera and worked exceptionally well in the extreme cold water temperatures of Silfra Iceland. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to capture their diving experience on camera or video."

-Tanya Deen

New Sea Dragon Lighting upgrade

Just upgraded my DC1400 to the new Sea Dragon gear! For anyone considering making the change, here are a few major improvements I noticed right off the bat:

The new flex arms are QUIET...The single piece dual tray feels MUCH more solid in your hands...No more of those pesky, easily corroded, magnets in the on/off switch!...The benefit of the separated battery compartment is a HUGE upgrade...The entire rig just looks and feels much more solid, and with the detachable parts, it is a ton more portable.

So, if you're considering changing to the Sea Dragon setup, I suggest swinging by your LDS and having a look for yourself. The pictures don't do it justice.

- Don B. via Facebook

Macro Photography with the SeaLife DC1400

Spanish Shawl shot with my DC1400 only using natural light. I took this at Refugio State Beach in California. Only my 2nd day with the camera and lets just say the thing works really well. I can't wait to put strobes on it.

This is a very easy camera to use and if you like macro photography, this is the camera you want. My wife and I own a dive shop in California and we just picked up this brand, we are very impressed with the quality of these cameras.

- Shaun Crouse via Facebook