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Unauthorized Merchants

Buyer Beware of Unauthorized Merchants

We take no responsibility for purchases from the following unauthorized merchants. Unauthorized merchant purchases may not be covered by the SeaLife Limited Warranty, or you may receive products that have been used or opened. Unauthorized resellers make it difficult to tell who they are and where their business is located. In most cases you will not be able to return items after purchase.

SeaLife recommends and only authorizes merchants who do not hide their true identity or location.    

Amazon Marketplace Resellers NOT authorized to sell SeaLife Products:

 - Ebazon

 - Fusion Enterprise LLC

 - American Shopping

- A-Z Sellers

- All in One Trading & Distribution

- DEALS#1 

- MEGAsale

- Electronics 4 Us

- Sebastian2000

 - Unoids7

 - unoids-sales07

 - us-appliances @  

 - Midland Consignments 



 - EverydayFulfillmentCom


eBay Resellers NOT authorized to sell SeaLife Products:

 - ridgeroad101

 - newtondiscounts

 - lonepalm02

 - computer_psycho

 - musicstore4u 

 - merchant1221

 - anh-auctions 

 - longorickb1ex

 - jasper0529155

 - 144savesumore