APEX Shark Expeditions

The hosts of APEX Shark Expeditions, Chris and Monique Fallows, are wildlife naturalists and are absolutely passionate about sharks. The two spend at least 150 days at sea every year working with a variety of shark species. Although APEX makes a living taking people to view Great White sharks and enjoy shark diving in Cape Town, the aim is to provide the most natural encounter with sharks. To ensure that the tours are as ecologically friendly as possible, they specialize in small groups so that guests can enjoy an intimate and educational encounter. Having worked at or visited all of the well-known Great White shark diving sites in South Africa and around the world APEX can undoubtedly say that their home base of Seal Island is unique.

In addition to being one of the leading authorities on Great White shark behaviour, Chris is a professional wildlife photographer and many of his breaching Great White Shark images have been seen worldwide in newspapers, magazines and television documentaries. “We aim to promote the positive awareness of sharks through these captivating images.” Chris has just recently completed his book ‘Great White, The Majesty of Sharks’, which chronicles Chris’ journey from his beginnings as a penniless shark enthusiast to his discovery of the “flying” white shark phenomenon.” The book is available in leading book stores worldwide.

Great White Trips: April to mid September

The peak time to see Great Whites in South Africa is in the months of April through September. APEX offers morning and afternoon trips to Seal Island, where you can see the famous breaching Great White sharks of False Bay as well as shark cage diving all in one trip. Also offered are five and ten day shark cage diving in Cape Town packages for serious shark or nature enthusiasts wanting to have an educational and possibly life-changing experience by seeing various components of the White shark’s life and eco-system.

Mako and Blue Shark: November to June

Mako shark diving in South Africa’s big blue waters offshore caters perfectly for those with a penchant for adventure, a passion for nature and a quest to do something few others ever have the chance to do. These trips allow you to see the majestic Mako and Blue sharks up close and personal. The Mako is not only the fastest shark in the sea but is also the king of the open ocean, a realm that few ever experience. Warm currents and inky blue waters greet you as you dive into water that is 1000m deep and more.

Combine a Shark Expedition with a Wildlife Photo Safari

The wildlife photography safaris organized by APEX Shark Expeditions are developed by professional wildlife photographers with specific photo opportunities and goals in mind, guiding guests through all aspects of wildlife photography in order to deliver awesome photos. These unique African photo safaris are guided by a professional photographer at safari locations chosen for their ability to deliver world class viewing and photographic opportunities. The number of guests is limited to 6 so every person has space for their equipment and for arranging themselves in the vehicle. The guide ensures the vehicle is positioned for the best photographic opportunity and lighting.