SeaLife Camera History

As you look over the camera history of SeaLife, you’ll notice all of our products have something in common – they make great images easy to obtain. At SeaLife, our goal is to develop innovative underwater cameras and accessories that make underwater photography easily accessible.

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sealife micro 2.0 32gb land and sea hd camera

SeaLife Micro 2.0

Item SL510, SL512

2016 – 2019

The second generation Micro series camera, available with 32GB and 64GB storage, featured some major advancements such as the new 16MP sensor and new app.

Micro HD+ underwater scuba diving digital camera

SeaLife Micro HD+

Item SL501

2015 – 2016

The continuation of the Micro HD with 32MB of storage and wireless image transfer with new Action Cam HD app.

SeaLife Micro HD

Item SL500

2014 – 2016

SeaLife’s first completely sealed camera (without doors or openings), featured a 13mp image sensor, 1080p/30fps HD video and 16MB of storage.

SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera

SeaLife DC1400

Item SL720

2011 – 2016

The successor to the SeaLife DC1200, the DC1400 featured a 14MP sensor, 720p/60fps video, auto-focus with optical zoom, and internal flash.

SeaLife ReefMaster

Item SL332

2013 – 2014

Designed specifically as a self-contained underwater dive camera, the compact ReefMaster included an external Mini Wide Angle Lens and the latest color enhancing firmware.

SeaLife Mini II

Item SL330

2011 – 2013

Waterproof to 130 feet, rubber armored and built to survive drops, the Mini II was an ultra rugged camera and the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

SeaLife DC1200

Item SL700

2010 – 2011

With ergonomic “Piano Keys” instead of buttons, advanced color correction modes and 12MP, the SeaLife DC1200 took point-and-shoot underwater photography to the next level with beautiful underwater photos and video.

SeaLife DC1000

Item SL100

2009 – 2010

The SeaLife DC1000 introduced the “Easy Set-up Mode,” making amazing, colorful underwater images easier than ever before. The DC1000 also featured 10MP, 5x optical zoom and an updated ergonomic design.

SeaLife DC800

Item SL180

2008 – 2009

Featuring 8MP, five dive specific color correction modes, and a sleeker, modern design, the SeaLife DC800 was a major advancement in entry level underwater photography.

SeaLife DC600

Item SL160

2006 – 2008

The SeaLife DC600 underwater digital camera featured 6.1 MP, a large 2.5″ display, and enhanced exposure modes for bright, colorful images.

SeaLife Reefmaster Mini

Item SL320

2007 – 2009

The rugged and compact SeaLife Reefmaster Mini shared all of the features of the ECOshot, but with an increased depth rating of 130 feet.

SeaLife ECOshot

Item SL321

2007 – 2008

SeaLife introduced the world’s first truly shockproof and waterproof digital camera with the ECOshot. Depth rated to 75 feet and shockproof up to 6 feet, the ECOshot was the perfect compact camera for the active outdoors and watersports enthusiast.

SeaLife DC500

Item SL150

2005 – 2006

SeaLife’s line continued to grow technologically with the DC500 underwater digital camera. The camera featured a new metal and rubber armored body design, 5 MP, 3x optical zoom, a large 2″ display and a “Shark Mode” that greatly reduced shutter lag.

SeaLife DC310

Item SL148

2003 – 2005

The SeaLife DC310 underwater digital camera featured 3.3 MP and the same rubber armored body as previous models but introduced new 8-button advanced controls for getting even more color and quality out of each image.

SeaLife DC300

Item SL140

2003 – 2005

The SeaLife DC300 continued the rubber armored body of the previous model, and increased to 3.3 MP for sharper image quality.

SeaLife Sharkdiver

Item SL300

2003 – 2007

A reusable, 35mm film waterproof camera, the Sharkdiver was the ideal low cost dive and snorkeling companion.


SeaLife DC250

Item SL130

2003 – 2005

The SeaLife DC250 used a rugged, reinforced rubber body to provide a solid grip for the photographer. The camera shot 2.1MP images and accepted wide angle and macro lenses.

SeaLife DC200

Item SL121

2002 – 2003

The SeaLife DC200 digital underwater camera continued the ground breaking features of the DC100, and featured an increased depth rating of 200 feet that opened up divers to a new level of underwater photography.

SeaLife DC100

Item SL120

2002 – 2003

The first of many digital underwater cameras in the SeaLife line, the DC100 featured 1.3 MP, 2x digital zoom, and a depth rating of 100 feet.

SeaLife Sportdiver

Item SL545

2001 – 2008

With a fully automatic one-button operation and a growing line of accessories and lenses, the SeaLife Sportdiver was a strong value and a fantastic way for divers to get started in underwater photography.

SeaLife Reefmaster CL

Item SL520

1999 – 2004

The SeaLife Reefmaster CL followed the same design as the previous Reefmaster RC, but introduced a clear waterproof camera body.

SeaLife Reefmaster RC

Item SL515

1996 – 2005

One of SeaLife’s earliest film cameras, the SeaLife Reefmaster RC was an innovative waterproof camera with a depth rating of 164 feet and easy to use controls.