Sea Dragon underwater light
Underwater Photo/Video, Flash (Strobe), and Dive Lights

Lighting is one of the most important components of underwater photography, and it’s essential in bringing out bright colors in underwater photos and videos.  Compact and powerful Sea Dragon lighting makes it easy to add light to your dive and images. And with Flex-Connect trays, grips and arms, you can easily position yourself and the camera for any imaginable shot.

Sea Dragon Lighting was developed and created by SeaLife, but you don’t have to own a SeaLife camera to enjoy the power, color and reliability of Sea Dragon lights – they fit on all or most cameras (depending on light or flash model), including all popular action cameras. The Sea Dragon Flash will work with any camera that has an onboard flash.

Lights designed especially for underwater video and imaging with optimal color rendering, wide beam angle and exceptional brightness.

Underwater lights designed as a primary or back up light source for your dive.

Synchronized strobes for underwater still imaging, for any underwater camera with a built-in flash.

Double or increase your lighting impact with these dual sets.

Lights designed specifically to create a colorful fluorescence response from undersea organisms.

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