Sea Dragon Underwater Light History

As you look over the Sea Dragon history of innovative lights, you’ll notice all of our lights have something in common – they add tremendous brightness and color.

At SeaLife, our goal is to develop advanced underwater lighting that make underwater imaging brighter and more colorful!

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Sea Dragon 1500 Photo/Video Light

Item SL672

2016 – 2018


Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam Photo/Video/Dive Light

Item SL670

2014 – 2018


Sea Dragon 600 Dive Light

Item SL981, SL982

2013 – 2016


Sea Dragon 2000 Photo/Video Light

Item SL984

2013 – 2015


Sea Dragon 1200 Photo/Video Light

Item SL983

2013 – 2015


SeaLife Photo/Video Light

Item SL980

2004 – 2012


SeaLife Digital Pro Flash

Item SL961

2002 – 2011