SeaLife Cameras, Lights and Accessories were established in the early 1990’s to offer an easy and fun way to capture undersea wildlife and underwater memories in an easy, uncomplicated way.
Today, that is still the standard we set for ourselves. SeaLife developed the world’s first commercially available underwater digital camera and is the only imaging and lighting brand that focuses entirely on diving, snorkeling and watersports. This specialized approach assures the highest degree of satisfaction with our extensive base of users. We’re constantly evaluating our products to ensure that our equipment delivers the most consistent results, even in extreme and difficult conditions.
Through our extensive partnerships with dive retailers, conservation and industry associations, we continually seek ways to broaden interest in underwater life and cultivate an appreciation for the undersea environment.

Meet Our SeaLife Ambassadors

tobias sealife diving
Tobias Friedrich


Tobias Friedrich started taking underwater photos in 2007.  Since then his images have been published in prestigious scuba diving magazines such as Sport Diver, Unterwasser, Tauchen, Scuba Diver, Through The Lens and many others.  In 2018 he won the coveted Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.  Tobias is always passionate for new challenges and up for new, creative ways in underwater photography. 

Brent Durand


Brent Durand is an avid diver, writer, photographer and surfer. A longtime beach diver, Brent is constantly exploring above and below California’s shoreline. His work is published in print worldwide, in advertising and across the web in a variety of outdoor industries. He has a reputation for writing insightful yet simple photo tutorials and is currently publishing a complete video tutorial series for underwater photographers, plus a website full of instructional articles.

Lynn Miner of SeaLife underwater cameras
Lynn Miner


Lynn Miner lives in the great Pacific Northwest.  As an avid diver, scientist and conservationist for 50 years he has used these disciplines to develop equipment and techniques for fluorescence diving.  His technologies are used by marine institutes, universities and researchers around the world studying coral health and climate change.  Plus, it can be used to take some really cool images.

David & Melanie Benz


Adventurers and couple. Whether behind or in front of the camera, they do most of their work for Scubapro, Olympus and Unterwasser Magazine (Germany) as photographers and editors. With the formation of their company, Art & Water Photography in 2010, Mel and Dave realized their dream. In 2018 with the production of more underwater video, they started a partnership with Sealife. Mel and Dave use the Sealife Sea Dragon Photo/Video lights for their underwater video productions, which highlight the impressive colors and diversity of life below the surface.

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