Indonesia underwater photography


Indonesia has so many dive sites, that it would be impossible to describe even a fraction of the thousands of incredible diving and dive imaging opportunities in this beautiful country.

And that’s not all, there is so much culture, history, nature and scenic beauty that Indonesia has to offer, not to mention the culinary delicacies and serene comforts that meet you there.

Above images taken by local expert Philippe Eggert from Bali with a SeaLife DC2000

To start, check out the official Indonesia website, it’s rich with facts and features about Indonesia and offers a good preview of some of the islands and diving destinations there.    You can also find more about local customs and trip preparations and requirements there.

There are several dive resorts that offer diving and dive imaging for all skill levels.   In Bali, we highly recommend Scuba Seraya for its beautiful views, comfortable rooms and villas and excellent diving and dive imaging.   Learn or improve your Macro skills here with the dive photo masters or coordinate your dives with our partner SeaLife Indonesia.

Then take a short flight to Manado and then a scenic drive to Lembeh, a beautiful resort in the heart of the region known as the diving Mecca for critters and macro marine life, the area has rapidly gained popularity among macro photographers.

These are just a few of the amazing diving and scenic adventures waiting for you in the warm and friendly climate of wonderful Indonesia.