SeaLife Lenses

SeaLife Lenses allow you to take amazing visual perspectives of your underwater subjects or seascapes, from Macro to Wide Angle, you’ll be able to take your image with crystal clear precision.

Wide Angle lenses allow for a considerable increase in shooting angle, from approximately 30% to 100% more than the camera’s lens.   Wide Angle or even wider “Fisheye” Dome lenses are the perfect lens for big colorful reefs, large sea creatures or large spaces.    A Macro Lens allows you to decrease the shooting distance, from about half the distance, to down to one third of the camera’s lens normal shooting distance.    Macro or “Super Macro” lenses are suited for close-ups of the tiniest sea creatures, revealing their distinct colors and features.

Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens


Get 3x closer and 43% wider field-of-view

Optimizes edge-to-edge sharpness

For SeaLife Micro-Series & RM-4K Cameras

Removable lanyard included

SportDiver 52mm Wide Angle Dome Lens


Get 3x closer and 43% wider field-of-view

Optimizes edge-to-edge sharpness

Precision 52mm thread-on lens

Fits on SL081 Lens Adapter

Works with other cameras and housings w/52mm threads

Lens Adapter for SportDiver


67mm & 52mm Lenses

For SeaLife SportDiver Smartphone housing

Mounts on to the housing lens port

Includes both 52mm & 67mm threaded lens mounts

Accepts most aftermarket macro and wide angle lenses

Easy adjustment of mounted lens over intended phone lens

Precise alloy construction

SportDiver Wide Angle Dome Lens


For SeaLife SportDiver Smartphone housing

Fits directly on to the housing lens port

SportDiver push-on lens mount

Includes Sunshade to reduce stray sunlight reflection

Adds 43% to phone lens shooting angle

Precise and sharp, edge to edge

Depth rated to 130ft / 40m

Super Macro Lens for Micro-Series & RM-4K


For SeaLife Micro-Series & RM-4K Cameras

2-Element optical glass

Two focus distance sticks included

Press-on rubber lens mount

Removable lanyard included

Close Up Lens for Micro-Series & RM-4K


For SeaLife Micro-Series & RM-4K Cameras

Removable lanyard included

+10 optical grade lens

Lens Caddy for Micro, ReefMaster & DC Lenses


Attach on grip, flex-arm, or tray

1/4-20 SS bolt included

Hook/latch strap included

Holds Micro, ReefMaster & DC-Series lenses

Lens “grips” on with lens press-mount

DC-Series Super Macro Lens


For SeaLife DC-Series Cameras

Fits most brands of cameras/housings

Shooting distance of 1.5”-4”/4cm-10cm

52mm universal threaded mount

Includes DC adapter for SeaLife cameras

+10 diopter

2-Element AR-coated optical glass

Depth rated to 200ft / 60m

DC-Series 52mm Lens/Filter Adapter


Converts DC-Series lens port to 52mm

52mm threaded port for lenses, filters

Pushes on to lens port for precise fit

DC-Series 52-67mm Step Up Ring


Converts 52mm threads to 67mm threads

Attach 67mm lens/filter to your SeaLife DC-series camera

Mounts to SL977 52mm thread mount adapter (sold separately)

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