SeaLife Lenses

SeaLife Lenses allow you to take amazing visual perspectives of your underwater subjects or seascapes, from Macro to Wide Angle, you’ll be able to take your image with crystal clear precision.

Wide Angle lenses allow for a considerable increase in shooting angle, from approximately 30% to 100% more than the camera’s lens.   Wide Angle or even wider “Fisheye” Dome lenses are the perfect lens for big colorful reefs, large sea creatures or large spaces.    A Macro Lens allows you to decrease the shooting distance, from about half the distance, to down to one third of the camera’s lens normal shooting distance.    Macro or “Super Macro” lenses are suited for close-ups of the tiniest sea creatures, revealing their distinct colors and features.

0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens
for DC-Series Cameras


The SeaLife 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens will increase the field of view by 100% over the already wide 31mm lens (film equivalent) of the DC2000 underwater camera. The Dome Lens allows for amazing underwater images and offers incredible perspective of the undersea landscape. The 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens has a 16mm effective focal length on the DC2000 underwater camera and features fully multi-coated precision optics for maximum light transmission. The effective focal length with the Dome lens on the DC1400 camera is 14mm.

0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens
for DC-Series Cameras


With the SeaLife 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens, you can stay within the shooting range of your flash and still fit everything in the shot. The Wide Angle Conversion Lens compensates for the water’s magnification effect, increasing underwater field-of-view by 33%!

DC-Series Super Macro Lens


The Super Macro Lens captures stunning macro images from 1.5” to 4” (4cm to 10cm). The lens features a 2-element optical grade lens with anti-reflective coating and durable anodized aluminum construction on a 52mm press-on lens mount. This 52mm lens also attaches to any underwater housing with 52mm mounting threads.

DC-Series 52mm Lens/Filter Adapter


Quick and easy push-on attachment on land or underwater. Works with SeaLife DC2000, DC1400 and all previous DC-series cameras. 67mm lens/filter may be attached to 52mm adapter using SL978 52-67mm step-up ring (sold separately).

52-67mm Step Up Ring

Easily convert 52mm threads to 67mm threads! Attach any 67mm camera lens or filter to your SeaLife DC-series camera. Mounts to SL977 52mm thread mount adapter (SL977 sold separately).

Lens Caddy for DC-Series Lenses


The SeaLife Lens Caddy mounts ANY SeaLife DC-Series lens to the camera tray using a standard ¼-20 tripod screw or to any grip/arm up to 1.8″ (45mm) in diameter using a sturdy hook & loop nylon strap. The Lens Caddy holds all SeaLife DC camera lenses, including the popular SL050 0.5x lens, SL051 0.75x lens, DC-Series Super Macro lens, SL975 Fisheye lens, and SL970 WA lens. The lens securely pressure grips onto the Lens Caddy underwater or on land, the same way lenses attach to the lens port of your SeaLife camera.   You can attach one lens to each Lens Caddy, and you can mount up to four Lens Caddy to your camera set.

Micro Series Super Macro Lens


The Super Macro Close Up Lens captures macro images and videos from 3.5” to 7” (9cm to 18cm). The lens features a 2-element optical grade wet lens with anti-reflective coating and anodized aluminum construction with rubber press-on lens mount.

Close-up lens for underwater camera

Micro Series 10x Close Up Lens


The 10x Close Up Lens gives the Micro HD or Micro 2.0 camera a focusing range of 6 to 24 inches (15 to 61cm) underwater and 3” to 6” (8cm to 15cm) on land, allowing the camera to capture close up underwater images and video. Reveal the details of a tiny coral shrimp or small anemonefish.

Close-up lens for underwater camera
mini underwater wide angle camera lens

Mini Series Wide Angle Lens


Get closer to the subject and still fit everything in the shot with the SeaLife Mini Wide Angle Lens. Compatible with the SeaLife Mini II, Reefmaster Mini, and ECOshot underwater cameras.

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