Memories from Another World

Being submerged in the incredible undersea world is an amazing experience for the first time snorkeler and to the seasoned diver.

For over 25 years, SeaLife has created underwater cameras, housings, lighting and accessories that allow you to capture and keep these remarkable memories.

SeaLife is the only company with a focus exclusively on underwater imaging and lighting.  The experience and dedication that go into each SeaLife product assures astonishing results.

Let us guide you through the SeaLife range and help you select the camera or housing for your next aquatic adventure.

Select Your SeaLife Camera

Selecting an underwater camera is easy, with SeaLife there are three models, the compact and completely sealed SeaLife Micro 3.0, the ultra-compact ReefMaster RM-4K, and the new SeaLife SportDiver Underwater Smartphone Housing. To see what these cameras can do, check out the gallery page.

Using Your SeaLife Camera

Need some photography tips? Have questions about how to get the most out of your SeaLife Camera or Sea Dragon Light? Discover SeaLife and master your underwater imaging skills with these easy-to-follow guides and tutorials.

Get the Latest SeaLife News

Are you wondering what’s new in the world of SeaLife, or what new products are on the horizon? You’ll find latest news and more in our Press Room. We’re always working on something new, so be sure to check back often! 


Select your SeaLife underwater dive camera model here


Take your smartphone on a dive and capture underwater images & video


Sea Dragon lighting adds color and brilliance to underwater photos and videos

Flex Connect

Add lights and accessories easily with Flex-Connect trays, grips, arms and more

Spare Parts

If your camera needs service or a replacement part, we promise fast, friendly & professional service

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