SportDiver Smartphone Compatibility Chart

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  • Compatibility is based on the physical dimensions provided by the phone manufacturer.  Dimensional inaccuracies may result in phone not fitting in the SportDiver.  Please report any fitment issues to


  • Some camera settings and lenses may not be supported by the SportDiver app because phone manufacturers block-out access to certain features. Download the SportDiver app from the app store to preview available settings for your phone. Refer to online troubleshooting and technical updates for known features not supported by the SportDiver app.


  • Phones with ultrawide lens may vignette when inside the SportDiver housing.  This depends on the physical location of the ultrawide lens and the lens’ field-of-view. Some zooming or app update may be needed to prevent lens vignette. 


  • Omit grip tabs that make contact with phone’s side buttons along the bottom row.


SeaLife is continuously working on app enhancements.  Please check app store for updates.

Chart Legend:
S = Small

M = Medium
L = Large
0/S = No grip tabs on left side and small grip tabs along the bottom
S/M = Small grip tabs on left side and medium grip tabs along the bottom
S/L = Small grip tabs on left side and large grip tabs along the bottom

Not supported = Phone not supported by SportDiver App
Does not fit = Phone dimensions are too large for SportDiver housing
Checking fit = We’re testing the fit and compatibility with this phone at this time

SeaLife will update the online compatibility chart as new information and phone make/models become available.