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Press Releases

SeaLife Appoints New Australia Distributor
SeaLife Hires Ray Bullion as Sales Rep for Southwest Territory
SeaLife Introduces Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Camera Set
SeaLife Introduces New Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens
SeaLife Introduces Lens Caddy for Micro-Series, DC-Series & ReefMaster RM-4K Cameras
SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video Light
SeaLife Launches New Android App for Popular SportDiver Smartphone Underwater Housing
SeaLife Launches New SportDiver Underwater Housing for iPhone
SeaLife Introduces Close Up and Macro Lenses for Micro 3.0 Camera
SeaLife Introduces Underwater Instructional Videos for New Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera
SeaLife Introduces Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera
SeaLife Introduces ReefMaster RM-4K Ultra Compact Underwater Camera
SeaLife Introduces the 10x Close Up Lens for RM-4K and Micro Series Cameras
SeaLife Introduces Flex-Connect Rigid Ball Arm & Ball Arm Kit
SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Dive Light
SeaLife Introduces Protective Neoprene Gear Pouch
SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon 3000 Lumen Auto Underwater Photo-Video Light
SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon 2000 Lumen Underwater Photo-Video Light
SeaLife Introduces 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens
SeaLife Introduces the SeaLife Photo Pro Backpack
SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon Mini 900 Dive Light
SeaLife Introduces Super Macro Lens and 52mm/67mm Thread Mounts for DC2000 Camera
SeaLife Reveals New Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam Photo-Video-Dive Light
SeaLife Unveils Universal Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter
SeaLife Debuts AquaPod Mini – An Extendable, Travel‐Friendly Underwater Camera Monopod
SeaLife Offers Universal Flex‐Connect Mounting Kits for Underwater Cameras

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