The SeaLife AquaPod Mini allows for close up underwater photos and videos while maintaining a comfortable distance between you and your subject. It’s ideal for exciting shark images and video, as well as easily frightened ocean species.   The AquaPod Mini extends from 15.5” to 38” (39cm – 97cm).   All the AquaPods are corrosion resistant and salt-waterproof and include both a ¼-20 mount (for SeaLife and other cameras) and a GoPro camera mount.

Please!  While it will get your camera closer to the subject, please don’t touch, taunt or stress sea creatures with the AquaPod.

AquaPod Mini


The SeaLife AquaPod Mini lets you to get your camera close to both land and sea creatures while maintaining your distance, and allows you to get that perfect shot of yourself amidst all of the action. Rotate the camera on the AquaPod Mini to easily take self-portrait images. Easy to use and hold steady, the AquaPod Mini extends from 15.5 inches (39cm) to 38 inches (97cm). It is particularly travel friendly because its collapsed size easily fits into a briefcase or carry-on luggage.

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