Sea Dragon underwater light

Duo Photo/Video Light Sets

With the SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo Light sets, you can increase your lighting coverage.  If you like to shoot video, you’ll appreciate the wide-beam Sea Dragon sets with color friendly COB LED’s that work incredibly well with wide angle lenses or action cameras.  These Duo LED sets also work surprisingly well for still images.  If you’re mainly a still image shooter, you can increase your strobe coverage with the Sea Dragon Duo Flash set.  Or, combine the Sea Dragon Flash with a Sea Dragon Auto LED light, which will turn off the light when the flash is fired.  Of course changing your set-up is always easy, most lights are also sold in a “head-only” configuration so adding a new light to your set is easy.

Sea Dragon Duo 9000 Set

Item SL692
  • Two Powerful 4500 lumen lights
  • 120° wide beam angle
  • Depth rated to 330ft / 100m
  • Color rendering index (CRI) of 96
  • Includes SL944 Duo Case

The Sea Dragon Duo 9000 Set is the perfect photo/video light set for optimal underwater colors with an extremely high color rendering index of 96 and a delightfully natural TLCI (TV lighting index) of 97.   This set includes all the tools you’ll need for brilliant video and vibrant still images.  With two light heads each covering 120°, you’ll be able to cover your subjects with sunshine, even when using wide angle dome lenses.   

Sea Dragon Duo 6000 Set

Item SL691
  • Two Powerful 3000 lumen LED lights
  • 120° wide beam angle
  • Depth rated to 330ft / 100m
  • Corrosion-proof light heads
  • 180 lumen red LED’s, 88⁰ beam angle

The Sea Dragon Duo 6000 underwater lighting set packs a powerful 6000 lumens using two Sea Dragon 3000 COB LED lights mounted on a Flex-Connect® Dual Tray. The ergonomic grips increase camera stability while the dual lights increase beam angles even further.

Sea Dragon Duo 5000 Set

Item SL989
  • Two Powerful 2500 lumen LED lights
  • 3 brightness modes
  • 120° wide beam angle
  • Depth rated to 200ft / 60m
  • Corrosion-proof light heads

The Sea Dragon Duo 5000 underwater lighting set packs an astounding 5000 lumens of brightness using the latest in COB LED technology. With the included Flex-Connect Dual Tray, Grips and dual Sea Dragon 2500 light heads, you’ll increase camera stability and add serious brightness to your photos and videos.

Sea Dragon Duo 3000 Flash Set

Item SL690
  • Combines Sea Dragon Universal Flash & 3000F
  • 3 LED light brightness modes
  • 120° wide beam angle, 100° strobe
  • Depth rated to 200ft / 60m
  • Corrosion-proof light heads
  • Two 180 lumen red LED’s, 88⁰ beam angle

Whether you’re shooting with the SeaLife DC2000 or another camera with a built-in flash, this new Duo Light and Flash set is the perfect lighting system. The set combines the new Sea Dragon 3000 Auto for shooting video, and when shooting stills, it senses your flash and shuts off momentarily to give you a brilliant and shadow-free image.

Sea Dragon Duo Flash Set

Item SL988
  • Universal underwater flash
  • Variable power adjustment
  • Effective UW distance range up to 8ft/2.5m
  • Auto Learn Mode easily syncs pre-flash
  • Depth rated to 200 feet/60 meters

The Sea Dragon Duo Flash underwater lighting set includes two Sea Dragon Flashes, Flex-Connect Dual Tray and Grips – providing powerful lighting to bring out amazingly bright colors in your underwater photos. Reducing backscatter and eliminating shadows with twice the brightness, the Duo Flash is universally compatible with all underwater cameras with an internal flash and standard tripod mount.

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