Flex Arm Troubleshooting

1. Flex Arms makes noise when bending

The Flex-Connect Flex Arm (SL9901) is made with a special teflon-impregnated material that resists squeaking or making audible noise when bending the arm(s). Under certain environmental conditions, it may be possible for the arm to develop a “squeak” over time. To remedy this, soak the arm in warm water mixed with two denture cleaner tablets for 24 hours. Rinse and dry the arms. Repeat if squeaks develop again over time. Effervescent denture cleaner tablets are available in most drug, food and grocery stores, and are safe for the Flex-Connect equipment.

2. TIP: How to properly clean and dry Flex Arms

Soak and rinse the Flex Arm in fresh water for about 15 minutes after each use in saltwater or if Flex Arm becomes dirty. Never use detergents, cleaners, lubricants or solvents on the Flex Arm (except for denture cleaner to remedy squeaks). Allow Flex Arm to dry before storage. The Flex Arm has 3 holes on the male end to drain water trapped inside. Hold the Flex Arm with drain holes facing down and shake to remove any trapped water.