Underwater Photo, Video and Dive Lights, Flash and Strobes
Sea Dragon underwater light

Fluoro Lights

Diving with Fluorescent Lighting is absolutely magical.  The colors are brilliant and amazing. 

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation (Light from a Fluoro Light, UV or actual sunlight).  

What sets the Sea Dragon Fluoro lights apart from UV and other Fluoro lights is that the Sea Dragon’s filtered blue excitation light pinpoints the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation almost perfectly, so that maximum energy emission (a beautiful Fluoro light show) results.

Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam

Item SL673

Designed for fluoro imaging & viewing

65° blue/dichroic wide angle beam

26 watt/m² output

Integrated dichroic filter

800 lumen white light spot

One button control

60 minute run time at full power

Depth rated to 330ft / 100m

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