Discover SeaLife and master your underwater imaging skills with these easy-to-follow guides and tutorials.

SeaLife Underwater Photography Guide DC2000 Tobias Friedrich

This colorful guide will show you what’s possible with the SeaLife DC2000.

DC2000 - Great pictures made easy

This DC2000 guide explains how to get the best results, including use of lighting & lenses.

The DC2000 setup video shows the unboxing and initial set up of the DC2000 camera.

In this video, Brent shows how to use underwater lenses, their benefits and some basic shooting tips when using Macro or Wide-angle lenses on your dive.  You’ll also learn the basic lens lingo and what it means.

Brent describes basic composition with these five simple tips, important for any underwater photographer and any camera.  Watch this video and follow these instructions on your next photo dive to learn underwater photography or improve your results.

In this video, we’re emphasizing the importance of photo and video lighting underwater.  Brent shows you several Sea Dragon LED lights and strobes and how to use them.  These examples will show you very clearly what you’re missing if you’re not using underwater lighting.  

SeaLife Micro 2 underwater camera

The Micro 2.0 guide shows you how to master great images and video with this compact camera.

SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera

The DC1400 guide demonstrates how to get the best results, including use of lighting & lenses.

SeaLife underwater imaging group

Join our Facebook user group, a closed group of experienced SeaLife underwater photographers.

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