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Sea Dragon underwater light


Light is one of the most important elements in underwater photography, and an external flash (External Flashes are also commonly referred to as a “strobes”, both terms are appropriate) is the preferred method for photographers to get the maximum and most effective amount of light onto the underwater subject.   Proper use of an underwater external flash or strobe will add color and brilliance to your still images.  SeaLife has several universal flash options with the Sea Dragon Universal Flash, available as a kit with grip and tray, or as the flash head only; or as a dual system consisting of two strobes, or a strobe paired with a Sea Dagon “Auto” LED light that disengages for a second when the flash is used.    

It’s important to note that a proper external flash or strobe should have plenty of adjustment range, to light the subject from varying directions or angles, so that you can control the exposure to your liking.   For that we offer the Flex-Connect range of mounts, arms, trays and grips.

The Sea Dragon Flash mounts to any compact camera with a built in flash and takes 4 AA batteries (not included). For best results, we recommend rechargeable  Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2550mAh batteries.  On a full charge, the strobe should fire more than 500 times.

Sea Dragon Universal Flash

Item SL963
  • Universal underwater flash/strobe
  • Variable power adjustment
  • Effective UW distance range up to 8ft/2.5m
  • Auto Learn Mode easily syncs pre-flash
  • Depth rated to 200 feet/60 meters
  • Also available as head only (Item SL9631)
  • Takes 4-AA batteries

The powerful and compact Sea Dragon Universal Flash makes it simple to add light and color to your images down to 200 feet/60 meters. Producing rich, deep colors in underwater photos, the Sea Dragon Flash (also referred to as “Strobe”) is a powerful instant light source that is compatible with SeaLife DC camera models, and most other brands of underwater cameras that use an internal flash.

The universal flash includes 7mm optical cable plug to easily adapt to any non-SeaLife underwater camera housing with optical cable plug port, such as Olympus, Fantasea and Sea&Sea. A universal flash link mask is also included to adapt to any camera or camera housing.

The Sea Dragon Flash is also available in a head-only (SL9631) configuration containing everything that the SL963 kit has, except grip, tray and Sea Dragon case

Sea Dragon Duo Flash Set

Item SL988
  • Dual 2x Universal underwater flash
  • Variable power adjustments
  • Effective UW distance range up to 8ft/2.5m
  • More complete subject coverage with 2 strobe heads
  • Auto Learn Mode easily syncs pre-flash
  • Depth rated to 200 feet/60 meters

The Sea Dragon Duo Flash underwater lighting set includes two Sea Dragon Flashes, Flex-Connect Dual Tray and Grips – providing powerful lighting to bring out amazingly bright colors in your underwater photos. Reducing backscatter and eliminating shadows with twice the amount of light to more than adequately illuminate your underwater subject with brilliant color.  The Duo Flash is universally compatible with all underwater cameras with an internal flash. Most camera housings offer two optical cable plugs, easily accommodating the Sea Dragon Duo Flash set.

Sea Dragon Duo 3000F Flash Set

Item SL690
  • Sea Dragon 3000F & Universal Flash
  • 3 LED light brightness modes
  • 120° wide beam angle, 100° strobe angle
  • Depth rated to 200ft / 60m
  • Corrosion-proof light heads
  • Two 180 lumen red LED’s, 88⁰ beam angle

Whether you’re shooting with a SeaLife DC Series or nearly any other camera with a built-in flash, the Duo Light and Flash set is the perfect all-around lighting system. The set combines the wide angle Sea Dragon 3000 Auto underwater LED light for shooting video, and when shooting stills, it senses your flash and shuts off momentarily to give you a brilliant and shadow-free image.  The 3000 lumen Sea Dragon LED light also serves as a perfect night dive companion with the choice of either bright and warm white light, or two built in 180 lumen red LED’s that are easy on the eyes in darkness and won’t frighten fish.  Either way when you snap a photo the “Auto”  feature quickly pauses the LED light while the strobe is fired and the photo is taken.

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