Sea Dragon Red-Fire Filter


Red filter for Sea Dragon Photo/Video/Dive Lights
Many sea creatures get frightened by bright lights. They stay in dark shadows and crevices or only venture out in darkness. The Sea Dragon Red Filter uses a special formulated wavelength that has been tested to not frighten those elusive light-avoiding sea creatures.

The filter easily pushes on/off underwater and works with Sea Dragon Photo/Video Lights with Sea Dragon 1200F, 1500F, 2000F, 2100F, 2300F Auto, 2500F, and 3000F Auto or similar models.

Will not fit Sea Dragon compact dive lights, 3000SF, 4500F and 5000F.

NOTE: The Red Fire Filter will disable the flash detect and auto brightness features on Sea Dragon 3000F Auto and Sea Dragon 2300F Auto underwater lights. The Red Fire Filter is NOT a imaging filter, it’s designed to aid in underwater navigation in darkness so to keep the eyes aware and dilated, this feature also prevents frightening nocturnal sea creatures. To use the Sea Dragon light for imaging, the filter should be removed.

1 Year Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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