Batteries & Chargers

SeaLife’s Batteries have been designed to work best in SeaLife Cameras and Lights.  Do not attempt to substitute the battery or charging device with other types or brands, all SeaLife battery and charger items have been tested to the full specified run time for each item.  Note: Using alternate non-SeaLife spec. batteries will affect your camera a or light’s performance and can also be fire hazard.

DC2000 underwater camera battery

Battery for the DC2000

The powerful 3.7V 1130mAh 4.2Wh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery is good for 2+ hours of operation. The battery can be charged inside the camera through a USB cable and wall charger.  Fits SeaLife DC2000 Camera.
DC2000 underwater camera battery
DC2000 underwater camera battery charger

USB Battery Charger
for DC2000 Battery

Charges SeaLife DC2000 Li-Ion battery. Features backlit LCD battery status indicator. Works with any USB 5V wall charger or USB port.
Input: 5V DC, 1-2A, 10W
Output: 4.2V DC, 0.6A, 2.5W
Charge Time: Approx. 3 hours
XTAR underwater light battery

XTAR 18650 Battery
(3.6V, 3500 mAh)


Rechargeable 18650 3500mAh 3.6V battery, designed for Sea Dragon Mini 600, 650S/F, 900S, 1000F, 1300S and  Mini Fluoro lights, as well as other light brands.  The battery features a true 3500mAh capacity and is ultra-durable.  The cell is a Panasonic-Sanyo NCR18650GA.  Internal PCB protection and innovative impact-resistant design.

XTAR underwater light battery
XTAR underwater light battery charger

XTAR Mini Charger
for 18650 Battery


XTAR Mini Charger charges 18650 batteries and connects to all USB wall chargers (includes charger, USB cable, storage pouch, and manual). Batteries are not included.

Sea Dragon underwater light battery

Li-ion Battery for Sea Dragon Photo-Video Lights


Rechargeable lithium ion battery (7.4 volt, 3400 mAh, 25Wh) for Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2100SF, 2300 Auto, 2500 and 3000 Auto Photo/Video/Dive Lights. Includes protective cap.

Keep a spare battery charged so you never miss an opportunity to capture that perfect shot.

Sea Dragon underwater light battery
Sea Dragon underwater light battery 4500

Sea Dragon 4500F & 5000F Battery


The powerful 14.8V 50Wh 3400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the impressive Sea Dragon 4500F & 5000F Pro Photo/Video Lights. This battery keeps the light running for a full 60 minutes at full brightness, and 4 hours at 25% brightness. Fits the Sea Dragon 4500F & 5000F Photo/Video Lights.

AC Charger Kit for Sea Dragon 4500, 5000


Keep a spare battery charged and ready to use for your Sea Dragon 4500F Auto or 5000F Auto.

Kit includes AC Adapter (US), charging tray, and International Plug Adapters (EU, UK, AU) for the Sea Dragon 4500F Auto and 5000F Auto.


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