SeaLife Underwater Lens Troubleshooting & Technical Updates

1. SL052 Micro Wide Angle Down Lens not fitting on SL091 Lens Caddy

There is a fitment issue with the SL052 Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens and SL091 Lens Caddy.  The locking tabs on the SL052 Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens adapter interferes with the base plate of the Lens Caddy, preventing the lens from fully seating and locking. 

SeaLife is finalizing a new Lens Caddy adapter that will work with the SeaLife SL052, SL571 and SL572 Micro lenses (in addition to the full range of DC lenses). Note: The current SL091 Lens Caddy does work with the SL571 and SL572 lenses. 

We will provide a free of charge Lens Caddy adapter that fits SL052, SL571 and SL572 lens upon request when the new part is completed sometime in June 2022. Please email to request the part. Please include a copy of your purchase receipt for the SL052 Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens with your email.