Extended Warranty & Maintenance


Purchase a 1 or 2 year extended warranty for your SeaLife product.

Extended Warranty Information

How to buy: SeaLife has a US and international dealer network, we encourage you to contact your nearest stocking SeaLife dealer. Your nearby SeaLife retailer can help you make the right selection and support your SeaLife equipment with accessories and servicing if needed. Please see our dealer locator here. We have dealers and distributors worldwide; if you’re not able to find a SeaLife merchant near you, you may purchase from us directly.

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Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program

Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program

Extend your regular SeaLife Limited Warranty to include annual Maintenance and up to two more years warranty coverage

Add one or two years to the original SeaLife Limited Warranty, for a total two (2) or three (3) year warranty period from the date of purchase. To be eligible, you must register your product’s warranty extension before the initial one year warranty expires, e.g. if purchase date is May 1, 2020, extended warranty and maintenance begins on May 1, 2021.

The maintenance program includes an annual product cleaning and inspection, with new O-rings and lubrication if needed.

Annual Maintenance – Camera and/or Housing

Complete factory inspection and test of your underwater camera and/or housing. Includes the following (where applicable):

  1. Replace main O-ring
  2. Test housing button operation and lube button O-rings if needed
  3. Operational depth test to 200ft in pressure tank
  4. Check for latest version components and update parts as needed
  5. Test camera operation
  6. Check camera firmware
  7. Check battery charge and clean contacts
  8. Reset to factory default settings
  9. Detail cleaning of camera and housing
Annual Maintenance – Light or Flash

Complete factory inspection and test of underwater Flash or Light. Includes the following:

  1. Replace main O-ring(s)
  2. Test switch and button operation and lube button/dial O-rings if needed
  3. Operational depth test to 200ft in pressure tank
  4. Check for latest version components
  5. Check battery charge and clean contacts
  6. Test fire flash or inspect light output brightness
  7. Detail cleaning

The SeaLife Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program is valid only in the USA and contains the same terms and conditions as the original SeaLife Limited 1-year warranty that was included with your product. Extended coverage dates are determined by the date indicated on your original bill of sale.

Review the SeaLife Limited Warranty

Terms & Conditions

The SeaLife Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program may be activated within one (1) year of the original purchase date.  Purchase extended warranties and maintenance on-line at www.sealife-cameras.com. Warranty must be registered with purchase date at www.sealife-cameras.com/warranty. Additional warranty period extends manufacturer’s original new product warranty and adds the annual maintenance feature. For each year of the extended warranty, you receive one free scheduled maintenance and inspection. Please Note: This is NOT insurance. Maintenance covers basic wear & tear and cleaning and inspection service. If additional work is required, an estimate will be rendered for work not covered by maintenance program. Customer is responsible for shipment and shipping expenses to and from our US Service Center. Your online purchase receipt for warranty extension and maintenance is your proof of purchase, please retain it. Please note: SeaLife Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program is non-refundable.

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