Flash Link Optical Cable


Connect and sync your flash or strobe
Use the SeaLife Flash Link Cable connection for all SeaLife or optically synced flashes/strobes. The resilient casing ensures firing of the flash in all light conditions and aiming positions. The 16″/41cm cable is coiled and flexible, in a very durable casing that prevents kinks in the optical channel.

1 Year Limited Warranty: 1 Year

Extended Warranty Information

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What's Included


Core Material Polymethyl-Methacrylate Resin
Cladding Material Fluorinated Polymer
Core Refractive Index 1.49
Refractive Index Profile Step-index
Numerical Aperture .50
Number of Fibers 1
Core Diameter 920-1040 μm
Cladding Diameter 940-1060 μm
Approximate Weight 4 g
Material & Color (Buffer/Jacket) Polyethylene
Indication on Jacket Eska™ Premier, pink
Outer Diameter 2.2 ± .07 mm
Fiber Tensile Strength 70 N
Length 16″/41cm

What's Included

One Flash Link Optical Cable
Two Hook-and-Loop Ties (to secure cable to flash arm)

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