1. Cold Shoe adapter not fitting on some UW camera housings

The cold shoe adapter included with the Sea Dragon Mini 600 and 650 lights is a “press-fit” design and may be too loose or too tight with some UW camera housings. The adapter works well with SeaLife DC1400 and previous DC-series housings but will be too loose with the DC2000.

If you are mounting your Mini 600/650 light to a cold shoe, we recommend using the Flex-Connect Cold Shoe and YS adapters. The Flex-Connect Cold Shoe adapter is a “screw-down” design that securely attaches to any UW housing with cold shoe mount.

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2. Using CR123 versus 18650 battery

The Mini 600/650 lights include two CR123 single-use batteries that deliver about 60 minutes run time (burn time) at full power. For longer run time, we recommend using a XTAR 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery with minimum of 2600mAh, which will run for 100 minutes at full power. The XTAR 18650 3400mAh battery will run for 125 minutes at full power.

The light automatically detects the voltage difference between CR123 and 18605 batteries, so the lumen output is about the same for both battery types. The primary performance difference between the two battery types is the run time.

Warning: Do not use rechargeable CR123 batteries. The Sea Dragon Mini 600/650 lights are not designed to function with this type of battery.

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3. Using other brands of 18650 rechargeable battery

We recommend using the XTAR brand 18650 Li-ion batteries (2600 or 3400mAh), which are premium-grade batteries using Panasonic/Sanyo or Samsung cells produced in Japan. These two XTAR batteries are capable of delivery 5.2A discharge current, suitable for high-powered devices.

If you do use another brand 18650 battery, make sure it meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Button cell top
  2. Integrated protected circuitry
  3. Minimum mAh rating of 2600
  4. Minimum discharge current of 3.5A
  5. Cell made in Japan by reputable brand like Panasonic/Sanyo or Samsung

Warning: Never use a damaged 18650 battery! Replace the battery if its sleeve/wrapper is cut, torn damaged in any way. The external sleeve helps to prevent short circuiting the battery. Short circuiting occurs if a metal objects makes contact with the + and – end of the battery at the same time, which will result in the battery overheating and may result in fire or explosion.

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