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Flex-Connect Trays, Arms, Grips & Accessories

Watch the Flex-Connect video!

Adding lights, flash or strobes to your underwater camera has never been this easy, whether Sea Dragon lighting or almost any other manufacturer, Flex-Connect has you covered with a turn-key mounting solution.  

Further expand your camera set with Flex-Connect accessories - add grips, flex arms, trays and more with just a "click". Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds, providing a quick way to adjust to any diving environment. 

Besides holding your lighting, another very important feature of the Flex-Connect Trays and Grips is balance and stabilization they offer for your camera, the benefits can be seen in video taken with compact or action cameras (that easily mount to Flex-Connect trays).   So even if you do not need lighting for a particular shot or video, use Flex-Connect to add stability and balance to your camera. 

Check out the Flex-Connect Mounting Guide for a detailed chart of the fitting and application.