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Explore new creative depths with SeaLife's most advance underwater camera, the SeaLife DC2000, featuring a large SONY® 20MP 1" image sensor, full manual controls, RAW imaging capabilities, and more. With DSLR-like imaging results, you'll want to make the DC2000's waterproof inner camera your go-to land camera with the ability to capture rich landscapes and stunning close-ups and portraits. Add Sea Dragon lighting and Flex-Connect accessories, or opt for one of the complete sets containing everything you need to take amazing underwater photos and videos. Find out what SeaLife customers are saying about our products in the testimonials section, and check out photos and videos taken with SeaLife cameras in the gallery.

For the easiest immersion into underwater photography and video, check out the Micro 2.0 or the Micro HD series of permanently sealed cameras – that’s right a camera that cannot leak!  The SeaLife Micro series are ready to dive right out of the box, simply charge the battery and submerge.   And, the Micro series require no maintenance – just wash and clean after use.    The Micro 2.0 offers impressive results; much better than most compact or action cameras with its large SONY® 16MP CMOS sensor and 1080p HD video.  Check out the SeaLife Camera Guide for an extensive comparison of the Micro 2.0 and HD cameras.  


If you'd like to try a SeaLife camera and/or light, check out the SeaLife Rental Center.

Review the Bouyancy Chart for information on land and underwater weight for cameras, lights, and accessories.