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Event Date: November 6, 2013 to November 9, 2013

Exposición DEMA (evento exclusivo para el comercio)

La exposición DEMA es la única exposición internacional dedicada al buceo, los deportes de agua y los viajes. ¡Visite el stand 2021 de SeaLife para ver los últimos modelos de cámaras y accesorios!


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What is the maximum capacity memory card I can use with my SeaLife camera?

We recommend using a SD/SDHC memory card of up to 8GB with the SeaLife Mini II camera. Higher capacity cards may cause compatibility issues, although we've successfully tested many top brands of 16GB SDHC memory cards in the Mini II.

For optimal performance with the SeaLife DC1400 camera, we recommend using a SD/SDHC memory card of up to 16GB, although 32GB cards are also compatible. Cards in excess of 32GB may cause compatiblity issues.

Event Date: February 12, 2015 to February 16, 2015

Miami Boat Show

See some of the newest sailboat designs from around the world, plus nearly 200 booths featuring sailing gear, accessories and hardware from the industries top suppliers. Visit SeaLife Booth 1694 to get a hands with the new permanently sealed Micro HD camera!


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Item SL994

Y-S Adapter

Connect underwater lights and flashes using a Y-S mount

The new Flex-Connect Y-S Adapter easily connects any underwater light or flash using a Y-S mount to Flex-Connect grips, trays, arms, cold shoe mount, and other accessories - with no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Easily expand with Flex-Connect accessories

Quickly and easily expand your underwater camera with Flex-Connect - add grips, Flex Arms, trays and other accessories with just a "click!" Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds, providing a quick way to adjust to any dive environment.


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